A Cradle Catholic Grows Up

I have been standing on the edge of the blogosphere for quite some time wanting to set foot on this unfamiliar land and, finally, today is that day. Three days from now the season of Lent will begin and so, now seems like a good time to tell my story.

It is the story of a Catholic woman who has enjoyed the privilege of being brought into the faith as an newborn infant through baptism, who learned to pray before learning the alphabet, and who obtained the sacraments of first holy communion and confirmation in due course. Just like so many others.

Yet, it is only in recent years that I have come to truly appreciate the  wisdom and power of Jesus Christ's intent when he said to Peter, On this rock I will build my church. Join me as I continue to discover, practice and reflect on the wisdom of Jesus Christ and of his apostles who set about to build this magnificent bequeathal called the Catholic church.


Peter's Bride

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