A Drawer Full of Treasures

My mother is not a hoarder, but she does tend to accumulate things. Whenever an item is needed to be searched for, I am always called in as the leader in the search party. It is not that I like looking for things. Believe me, I do not.

Some of the things that my mom likes to accumulate are Catholic holy items. Prayer cards. Pictures. Prayer books. Scapulars, brown and green. Open a drawer and you are bound to find at least one such item. You are likely to find holy water in more than one cupboard, too.

I sometimes wish that all of these items could be gathered up and placed in a box instead of scattered, like leaves in the wind. But then, I realize that there is something strangely reassuring about finding prayer cards next to the keys or a scapular hanging from a door knob. These items, these artifacts of my faith, are little treasures. They remind me that God, the angels and the saints are always there, always ready to offer a helping hand in my life.


Peter's Bride

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