Back to the Future

I came across an editorial cartoon today that, at once, reminded me of the ignorant assumptions and attitudes I have often encountered as a Catholic living in this modern age. The cartoon suggests that Pope Benedict XVI lives in the last century. If this is the case then I, too, live in the last century. You see, I don't much care for this century as it is currently shaping up.

In fact, I think it can hardly be argued otherwise that this century has been nothing but a nightmare. Since that fateful day in 2001, our lives have changed in ways that continue to reveal themselves as nightmares rather than sweet dreams. 

The dignity of human life continues to be diminished through  legalization of the human atrocities of abortion, assisted suicide, and unwarranted conflict. As if this was not bad enough, more people feel less secure and actually are less secure than in generations past whilst the memes of safety and security puncture the rhetoric of every aspect of media.

Without tradition, there is no Catholic church. It is tradition, the transfer of the truth that Jesus Christ uttered to his apostles and their successors that links the present to the past. The role of the pontiff and of the Catholic church, is to put the brakes on in order to ascertain truth in the actions of man, before rushing headlong into a future that cannot be undone.


Peter's Bride

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