Dressing Up for God

When I was a girl of about 12 or 13, my parents called me into the kitchen one day. They informed me that they did not like the way that I dressed for church. "You embarrass us," they said.

Apparently, corduroys were not church wear. At the first opportunity, we drove to the nearest city, some two hour away, and shopped for my new Sunday best. Thus, the transformation began.

I guess it was this earlier experience of my parents trying to instill in me the importance of dressing properly for mass that has left an indelible impression. Was it pride on their part that motivated them? Maybe. Did they believe that one should dress reverently in God's presence? Absolutely.

My parents had only one daughter, and they were determined to get it right. Being the only daughter meant that the standards were higher. How I dressed mattered. How I behaved mattered. How I spoke mattered.

These standards shaped me and, for this, I am grateful.

When I attend mass nowadays, I cannot help but notice how people, both young and old, dress in God's house. Men and boys nearly always wear jeans. Women  and girls may be seen wearing jeans, tight tops, short skirts, or leggings.

There is little or no thought given to the question, Is this appropriate to wear in the presence of God? People have forgotten whom it is they have come to spend time with. Will you be dressed to meet your Savior this Sunday? I hope so.


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