When the Saints Come Marching In

Today marks the first day of Lent. It is the season of renewal through sacrifice, alms giving and reflection on the life and times of Jesus Christ and, ultimately, the giving of his own life for us, for our sinful nature. It is a lot to wrap one's mind around. The notion that someone could love me and you so much that he would undergo such profound brutality, humiliation and degradation to die on a cross. But, He did.

Perhaps this is why I find the lives of the saints so interesting. The saints, men and women, were really no different than you or me. They sinned. They made poor choices. But then, something changed in them and they decided to follow Christ. Instead of forty days of Lent, they made penance, sacrifice and modeling their lives after Christ a daily practice.

This Lenten season, may I suggest that you take two or three minutes daily to learn about the saints? You will discover, as I have, that the men and women who became saints came from all walks of life and life circumstances. I am quite certain that you are bound to catch your self looking forward to the next life story as each day of Lent passes. 


Peter's Bride

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