Are You Squeaky Clean?

There is something about going to confession that leaves me feeling, well, spiritually squeaky clean...

The examination of conscience is no small task.  I guess this is why I feel the build up of anxiety as I contemplate my sins.

I try to recall all that has happened since my last visit to confession and I am reminded that I am not as good as I like to think I am. I mean, I know there is a lot of room for improvement and I am reminded of it most especially just before I walk through the door of the confessional.

The beauty of confession is the insurmountable grace that God bestows upon us when we begin to truly understand the depths of our sins and the pains our Lord has suffered again and again for us.

Think about it.

Jesus suffered the most indignant acts imaginable, and he did so willingly, so that we could become spiritually clean and know the joy of heaven someday.

Remember the kindness of Pope Francis and obtain a plenary indulgence, as I mentioned in yesterday's post. This is an opportunity to bring enormous healing to yourself and to Christ's own beloved spouse, the church.

God bless,

Peter's Bride

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