Reflections from RC: We Are What We Celebrate?

In Rediscovering Catholicism: A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion and Purpose, Matthew Kelly asks, What are we celebrating? It is a seemingly innocent question that needs some unpacking! Kelly is not asking about birthday parties or even holidays. He is asking, how do we spend out time?

You see, we live in an age of reality television and voyeuristic access to the goings on of other people's lives. We see hoarder's personal possessions being flung into trash bins, families torn apart by pain and disappointment. Sadly, these images would have you believe that life today is largely about pain and strife.

But, this need not be so.

"Our culture is hungry. Let your life speak." (p. 59) We have the ability deep within us to live authentic, meaningful lives. After all, this is what the saints did. They lived authentic, meaningful lives in their quest to be like Jesus. They got out of their comfort zones. They helped people. They loved, as Christ loves.

Isn't this what we are called to do too? To live authentic, meaningful lives? I think so.

That's something worth celebrating.

Peter's Bride

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