Truth: A Commentary

Last night, I watched the TV series, The Bible. I had been looking forward to it all week since it was in this episode that the story moves from the Old Testament to the New Testament, marking the birth of Jesus.

It had bothered me somewhat after watching the previous episode that the movie was not portraying events in the bible accurately. For example, David was not discovered tending his sheep along a winding brook and anointed there on the spot. In actuality, the bible tells us, that he was the last of seven sons who was summoned home after the prophet, Samuel, asked for the son not presented by his father.

Last night, the inaccuracies continued when Jesus went to Galilee and recruited Peter to be a fisher of men. Peter was not the first to be recruited, although the movie would have you think otherwise. There were other inaccuracies too, but I use these only to illustrate a much larger issue.

When it comes to issues of faith and truth, information is often misrepresented. It seems this week, that no matter what I turn my attention to, I find myself recognizing yet another example of the truth being covered over, misrepresented, or just plain lied about.

One case in point has to do with the multitudinous references to evolution. For example, a recent reading of my gardening book on the botany of plants, I found the author presenting explanations based on evolution as though they are indisputable facts, when truly they are not.

Even Darwin's origin of species has more holes in it than Swiss cheese and, yet, Darwin's theory of evolution continues to be promoted as indisputable in the classrooms of elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, and across all disciplines of science.

A fascinating lecture presented by the Kolbe Center sheds even more light on the power of such theoretical assumptions to cast a kind of dark ages on the ability for science and research to arrive at truth that would actually benefit mankind. Ironically, this leads to exactly the opposite effect that evolutionists argue when they argue against creationism. Instead of promoting the wellbeing of mankind, evolutionists succeed in hurting mankind.

In closing, I hope you will continue to look, as I will, at various sources of media, be they books, movies, lectures, or what have you, and ask: Is this based on truth?

God bless,

Peter's Bride

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