A Lesson in Tragedy

Recently, there was a tragic event whereby a young woman attempted to take her own life. Taken to the hospital, she was put on life-support, which was consequently removed. Her story is a tragic one because the downfall of this poor soul began when, at age 15, she and a friend went to a party where liquor was served and morals were not.

This girl was assaulted in the most egregious manner by more than one male. As is the nature of teenagers and digital technology, the hideous actions laid upon this girl were photographed and became fodder for bullying and the subsequent barbarism that is now so commonly conveyed through social media.

As tragic as this story is, the first clue I had to the genesis of the problem was given by the girl's mother who stated in the newspaper that when her daughter was born, she gave her to the world. Herein, lay the first chapter of the tragedy.

Never, ever offer a child to the world.  This world is a battleground and we are nothing more than chess pieces in the competition between good and evil. An assault of this nature upon a person is a wound to the soul, literally. By giving her child to the world, this mother, who is grieving today, gave her child not to God.

Please kindly pray for this young woman and all young women like her. Please pray for the repose of her soul and for the protection of young girls who know not what evil looks like.

Peace of Christ,

Peter's Bride

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