Digging Deep

Sometimes, a person has to dig deep in order to not be overrun with sadness by the happenings of the world. I think this is why the notion of being grateful is such a major theme in the Catholic faith. It is the proverbial when dealt lemons, make lemonade kind of thinking.

With the events that have happened in the world the past few days - and in my own family - my father having heart attacks - has a way of making one feel vulnerable and alone. Years ago, I would have reacted with a sad spirit and a gloomy look, wearing my emotions on my sleeve to show the world just how deeply I felt.

I don't think like this anymore. In times such as these, I dig deep. I look for what is going well, or, at least okay, in my life and I remember to be grateful for such things. It is a real piece of cognitive self-therapy sometimes.

It is the remembering to remember to be grateful part that often catches people up. But, one must only remember to remember a few times, during difficult circumstances, that builds the cognitive muscle to make being grateful a more automatic process during such times.

I think this is something that the saints understood. They often faced rejection, the hatred of others, hunger, and uncertainty in the beginning of their path towards a saintly life. They must have had to dig deep. In doing so, they likely offered these deeply human feelings up to God, eventually discovering a well spring of love, hope and charity.

We are all called to be saints.

God bless,

Peter's Bride

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