Easter Gifts

The longer I live to experience the Easter season, the more amazed I am at its transformative power. The Lenten season, if done with any kind of reverence at all, is a time for recognition, reflection, and healing. A kind of new year's eve resolution, if you will, for Christian Catholics. A time to start afresh.

Over the past several weeks, my family and I looked forward to watching the Easter presentation, The Bible, every Sunday evening. A half an hour or so, just before the movie was to start, we sat around the living room and said the rosary together. And then, we'd tune in to the next installment of the series. Even though the movie did not often capture the true story of Jesus' life, as told in the bible itself, it was an opportunity to reflect on the life of Jesus, the perfection of his message, and develop a greater appreciation for the apostles who then took this message to the far reaches of the earth.

For this I am truly grateful. For I am a descendant of those who took the message of God's saving grace to heart upon hearing it from, I assume, a disciple.

It seems Easter Sunday was filled with other gifts, as well. Pope Francis offered another Urbi et Orbi, a plenary indulgence  offered according to Church teachings.

To benefit from this plenary indulgence, within 8 days (before or after) Easter, we must:

  • Avail ourselves of the Sacrament of Confession
  • Pray for Pope Francis' intentions (say an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be):
    • Pray that Pope Francis will have many years as leader of the Roman Catholic Church
    • Pray for peace and unity for the church throughout the world
  • Receive the Holy Eucharist with total detachment from all venial sins

The gift of plenary indulgence results in complete remission of temporal punishment for all our confessed sins. 

Please consider offering your plenary indulgences for the souls in purgatory. Don't worry about losing the benefit of your indulgence because God cannot be outdone in his generosity.

God bless you,

Peter's Bride

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