A Reflection on Loss

Yesterday, I shared the news of my dear mother's passing. Today, I want to share with you one of the most profound lessons I learned in the aftermath of her passing.

When I returned to the house and stood in the kitchen, where my mother had passed, I remembered that Jesus said that we were in this world, but not of this world.  

There was a profound sense of emptiness in the house. Yet, nothing had moved. The furniture was exactly as I had left it. The dainty china pattern, Old Country Roses, still rested in the cabinet in the dining room. Outside, the car remained in its exact spot in the driveway. 

Yes, everything was still very much as it had been.

Yet, everything was different.

When someone passes from this life, it does not matter what their house looks like. It does not matter what kind of car they drove. Not even the size of their bank account matters when someone dies. 

None of it matters.

Standing in the kitchen, taking in the colors of the china pattern in the adjoining dining room, I was left with the profound understanding of Jesus' message to us. The things of this world do not matter in the end. What does matter is how you spent your time on earth in relationship to others and to God.

While we are not begrudged material goods during out time here on earth, we cannot form a material attachment to them for they have no bearing in heaven. 

The pretty china dishes were not the end, but they were the means by which my mother devotedly prepared and served holiday meals to her family in an act of love she repeated over and over again.

In peace,


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