The Gift of Love

Today was a difficult day.

I kept thinking of my dear mother.

I kept thinking about how the last hour of her life was spent in a car with me driving her home. I kept thinking, what if I had known that this was the last hour of my mother's life? What would  have done? 

I would have held her, hugged her, and told her how much she meant to me in my life.

I would have loved her with open arms and an open heart.

Then I wondered, what if everyone went through their day with open arms and an open heart?

Can you even begin to imagine what might happen?

I imagine it could go something like this.

The boss at the fast food joint wouldn't fire the teenager who arrived 10 minutes late.

The teenager who arrived late wouldn't be rude at the bus driver whose route schedule was put off because the bus was derailed.

The bus driver wouldn't be anxious because this was the third time this week the bus derailed, which meant that his lunch schedule was off and his blood sugar level drops very low when he doesn't eat on time and could lead to a diabetic coma. He misses his old industrial job for its' routine.

The bus driver's wife, Lucy, who is on her way to work at the local day care, would not have had to take notice of what came home in her husband's lunch box that was not eaten. She would not have wondered how long he can hold onto his job.

The daycare director has been monitoring closely the drop in the number of students since the main industry of the town relocated to another country. She would not have had to let go of the newest employee, Lucy, and would not have had to inform her of this news upon her arrival at the daycare, because the industry that employs so many ultimately decided that it valued it's employees more then the profit.

The boss at the local fast food restaurant would not have posted a "help wanted" sign prominently in one of the restaurant's windows...

Jesus Christ came upon this earth with open arms and an open heart and, two thousands years later, he is still the single most influential person who has ever walked the planet.

I thank Jesus Christ for giving me a mother who taught me the love Jesus Christ has for us all.

God bless,

Peter's Bride

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