Praying for the Persecuted Christians of the World

Did you know 450 Christians die everyday for their belief in Jesus Christ? In one of many recent incidences,  a Christian woman in Pakistan has been sentenced to die by hanging for drinking water on a hot day from a well designated for muslim women.

Our fellow Christians, like this Christian woman and many, many others, are like the wounds inflicted upon Jesus Christ in his suffering on his way to the cross. 

I am sure you are thinking, What can I do? 

May I suggest that you join me in Stations of the Cross, either at your local Catholic Church, or quietly in your home by means of computer, this leaflet, or your bible, which ever leads you to do so. I am praying for the end of Christian suffering and the protection of Christians around the world who live in fear for their belief in Jesus Christ, the Holy Redeemer. 

God likes sacrifice. After all, he gave up his only son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us. If you can offer a sacrifice, be it dessert, a second cup of coffee, or some other thing, this can go a long way towards raising our prayers to Heaven.

In peace,

Peter's Bride

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