Save the Children, Save the Future

My husband and I pray daily for the unborn. What began as a commitment to a simple prayer for each unborn child for a period of nine months, has now ensured the lives of fourteen babies (we each prayed for seven). Immediately upon finishing, we began again, together, for an additional fourteen unborn children. 

Today, I found this article online about the legalization of non-physician abortions, and I can see that things are going from bad to worse. But, I really should not be surprised because the actions of those political figures represent another step lower in the fall of our western culture. You see, when children are killed, there are no families. When there are no families, there is no future.

 If you can spare just moments a day, to spiritually adopt an unborn child, you will literally help rebuild our culture. Blessed Fulton Sheen speaks eloquently about the nature of love in this conversation well worth listening to and sharing.


For his perspective on contraception is conveyed in this video and well worth listening to.

God bless,

Peter's Bride

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