Pope Francis' Evangeli Gaudium

Sometimes I am spellbound by the language of the faith. The words take on lives of there own, it seems. Take for example, exhortation. This word isn't exactly common parlance nowadays. One might say it lacks a certain amount of street cred. But, when you put Exhortation next to something like Apostolic, you realize that these two words are meant for one another!

I think of Apostolic and Exhortation as a kind of marriage between the apostles who knew Jesus, who followed Him, who loved Him, and the church they formed to spread His good news. So, when Pope Francis released his Apostolic Exhortation this week, I knew that this would be a kind of love letter, a call to love, a call to commitment, and a call to live with apostolic zeal.

When I think of apostolic zeal, I think of my brother Chris. He is a thirty-something, tattooed Catholic with an out-going, gregarious nature who sees his mission as that of bringing friends and acquaintances back into the church. He's been pretty effective too. He recognizes his calling to evangelize and he is meeting the challenge with enthusiasm.

Being neither tattooed nor gregarious, I too look for ways that I might heed the call of the apostles. Join me in the coming weeks and months as I reflect in future posts on Pope Francis'  
exhortation to all Catholics.

In peace,

Peter's Bride



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