Preparing for Advent: The Advent Wreath

       We are only days away from the beginning of the Advent season! An organist practicing for Sunday mass reminded me that I, too, need to prepare. Of course, this means it is time to bring out The Nativity set, sans the Baby Jesus because he does not arrive until after midnight mass! It all means that it is time to set up the Advent wreath!

     Advent wreath, you say? Oh, yes, the Advent Wreath! What is THAT? 
An Advent Wreath is usually made of evergreens (real or not so real) with four candles nestled in amongst the greens. Three candles are purple in color and one is pink. Each candle represents one week in the Advent season, with the third candle being the pink one to mark Gaudete Sunday.

     Each evening for a few hours, burn the candle(s) to represent the which week you are celebrating. If you have never had an Advent wreath as part of your Advent celebrations, I strongly encourage you to do so. 

I also encourage you to mark the placement of your Advent wreath for your family to enjoy with a few prayers to highlight the meaning of the wreath as we prepare to celebrate the day in which our Lord Jesus Christ arrived so that we might be saved.

Here are some resources to aid you in preparing your own Advent Wreath, an activity that the whole family can enjoy :

 God bless,

     Peter's Bride

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