Science and Religion: Never the Two Shall Meet?

Dear Friends,

Many have probably heard about the group of global warming scientists whose ship was stuck in ice, fifteen feet deep, in Antarctica. Multiple attempts were made to rescue them, the most recent being a Chinese ship, which also has become stuck in the ice. God bless these scientists for their patience and reported good spirits. Perhaps there are believers among them. 

One cannot but notice the irony. And, perhaps, God is making known His sense of humor.

When the most recent calamity happened in what has become a comedy of mistrials, I turned to my husband Peter, and said, I don't believe they know anything. I don't believe in their science. 

You see, I spent several years as a doctoral candidate and during this time, I came to understand a bit about research, academia and philosophy. And, I can tell you that nothing is as objective as it appears or is presented. 

Very little good research goes on because everything is manipulated at some point. Numbers can be manipulated through a variety of approaches to the statistical data. The very philosophical approach one holds is often the product of the philosophies one is first exposed to in graduate school, and this is further reinforced by the grant monies awarded to the researcher. Why bother giving a grant to scientists who do not further propel the political agenda?

As discussed in previous posts, in regards to truth and political correctness, more and more science is for sale. With this the reality, all science must be suspect. And I mean all science, most especially that which pertains to one's health and well-being.

This morning I came across the newest installment of the Vortex, by Michael Voris. I invite you to watch and ask yourself, Science and religion; never the two shall meet?

 God bless. 

As always,
Peter's Bride

PS Hours after I wrote the above article, I came across this vlog entry and couldn't believe how much it echoed my sentiments. It seems I am not the only one who questions science lately...

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