Reflections on Evangelii Gaudium: Encountering Christ

Some time ago, I began to read Pope Francis' encyclical and as I go back and look at what I have highlighted or made note of, I am struck by the simplicity of this incredibly powerful and true statement,

 Source: Evangelii Gaudium, Page 8, Section 7

You see, growing up a "cradle Catholic", I have taken so much for granted. I have lived in the comfort of a household that had faith at its center. I didn't have to think about what it means to have faith or belong to the faith or anything like this. I even lived in communities that were predominantly Catholic. So, it was a comfortable place for me to be in.

In my mantilla work, I have the wonderful gift of encountering women, young and not so young, who have decided to enter the Catholic church. In essence, they have had an encounter with Christ, with the faith, and they are in love. Literally, in love. They want to follow him. They want to walk in his direction, follow his path.

When I interact with these women through email conversations, I am often given the sense that church is not crumbling as some would proclaim. No. Holy Mother Church is quietly, but surely, rebuilding her flock and it is a beautiful thing. 

I invite you to visit one such blog, one filled with hope, love, and honesty, in All Roads Lead to Home.

God bless,

Peter's Bride

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