Why Tradition Matters to Me

I recently began receiving emails from a group of the local laity, who might better be referred to as Church Militant, who are trying to raise awareness of the vast errors present in the diocese to both the bishop as well as fellow parishioners. 

As mentioned previously, the churches in my diocese have been ravaged by the same problems that have plagued many a parish throughout western culture. 

The novus ordo mass is celebrated across the diocese and it represents but a shadow of the Holy Latin Mass. In fact, I am not even sure that the two masses can be uttered in the same sentence since so much has changed with the "new" mass. 

I can tell you that many good people are hurting as a result of this change. I can also tell you that many, many more are completely ignorant of the history of the church and why the Roman Catholic church, in particular, stands as a last bastion against the modernist heresies that have done nothing but desecrate every other vestige of western culture.

Despite many pleas to the current bishop, no attempts have been made to return the Latin mass.  Luckily, though, the order called the Society of Saint Pius X, does make the Latin mass available through the extraordinary efforts of truly devoted priests.

Many parishes today are focused on being the church of nice, rather than the Holy House of the Lord where we witness the transubstantiation, where bread and wine transform into the body and blood of Christ. This is the heart of the mass. This is why we worship, to be in unity with Christ.

The following video interview offers some important explanations for why the Latin mass matters.

Peace of Christ,

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