What Comes Around Goes Around

Dear Friends,

One would have to be completely without senses to miss the growing anti-Catholic sentiment that is now openly engulfing western society. As mentioned in previous posts, Catholics are increasingly being harassed for their beliefs, particularly as it relates to the family. Do not be fooled. This is a planned assault on Jesus Christ himself.

Having spent the past few decades cultivating political correctness, society has now turned on itself. No longer can one represent a particular kind of view or uphold  particular kind of faith values. Whether Canada, the United States, the  United Kingdom or Australia, the intolerance for Catholic faith values and those who maintain them is growing. The greatest defense against this travesty is this:  

Stop aborting the unborn. Stand for the unborn. Pray for the unborn. Pray to Our Lady. Pray. 

Lack of respect for human life and family values are having a detrimental effect on families and family life. To restore values is to begin with prayer.

If this sounds outlandish, think again. The following video demonstrates just how far out of hand things have gone.



Peter's Bride

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