A Dark Day for Quebec

Dear Friends,

It is absolutely ironic that Quebec, the first seat of Catholicism in North America, has been the first province in Canada to pass an end of life euthanasia bill into law. 

Veronique Hivon, drafter of the bill, should be absolutely ashamed of herself. I am quite certain that her ancestors, whom I assume were among the original French Catholic settlers, are rolling over in their graves as I type.

In fact, I thought this lunacy was mainly reserved for the Dutch, who have instituted euthanasia buses that can roll up to one's home and bring one's life to an end, not terribly unlike bringing one's car in for an oil change. Whatever happened to, Thou shalt not kill?

You call this dying with dignity? Are you kidding me?

In God's plan for the world, He chooses when one should die, not man. Don't try to tell me that the elderly are sick and depressed and that this is reason enough for such a bill. Seriously, who are you kidding? This is a dark day in Canada. For shame Quebec, for shame.

God, help us and save us.

In peace,

Peter's Bride

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