Peter's Bride Re-Inspired

Dear Reader, 

About a year or so ago I took a break from blogging. I wondered whether I had anything to offer my readers that they could not already find elsewhere and in better detail. In the meantime, the world continued to swirl, much the way water does as it circles the drain. I felt drained and uninspired.

I had begun to feel that pretty nearly every aspect of daily life increasingly reflected the attitudes and behaviors that are clearly not only not Catholic, but not Christian. Period. So, what to do about it?  I grappled between wanting to become a recluse and just plain give up or I could push back. But how? 

In the past year, I have broadened my understanding of the world and of my faith and have come to understand the crash course that the two are headed towards. As the world becomes more repulsive, I think people will - and are - waking up to this fact. Ironically, the church teaches a very simple and timely solution when faced with such a dilemma. Return to tradition. Simple isn't it? But, what is meant by tradition and how does one to return to it? 

Thoughts of medieval images permeate the mind at the word tradition. In fact, anything traditional has come to be regarded as quaint, a product of the masses, or the mad ravings of the uneducated. I strongly disagree. Talk about a product of the masses and mad ravings of the uneducated; just two minutes of television programming will lend proof to my assertion that world we are living with is increasingly designed to appeal to the the mad, uneducated masses. The very thing traditionalists (for lack of a more precise description) are being accused of! Ironic, isn't it?

Therefore, join me in the coming weeks and months as I look at ways in which I, and women who feel as I do, take a decidedly Catholic twist to life. We women need a return to the feminine with Our Holy Mother as our model. This begins with our attitudes and beliefs, what we surround our selves with, what we occupy our time with, and how we nurture our faith in our homes, our sanctuaries and in our interactions with friends and family..

In closing, I hope you will offer up your thoughts, prayers and wishes as I continue to reflect and explore how to make my Catholic culture an even larger part of my daily life.

God bless,

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