Why Do We Veil?

Why Do We Veil?

Do you know the theology of the veil? Why do we women veil? What is its purpose? Quite simply we veil because it is a practice that is ancient and it represents 'the divine presence of God.' 

The act of veiling appears throughout the Bible, in terms of the Old Testament, we read that the Holy of Holies was veiled and in terms of the New Testament, the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a veiled event. Veils are used to cover the ciborium, the tabernacle, and the chalice. 

So, the act of veiling has many reference points. Veiling is a show of reverence, separating the holy from the secular. So, clearly, if we no longer veil, it suggests that we no longer seek to be reverent. We are essentially suggesting that we are equal to God. 

We have a need to veil. We are Catholic. We must show God that we are unchanging and that we are feminine. We wear the chapel veil because our soul seeks union with God. The veil symbolizes that we are under God's protection. 

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