Stop Euthanasia Bill C-14 NOW!

Dear Friends,

Canada has "universal healthcare." It is not a perfect system, but it is a good one a great deal of the time. But, as Canada continues to slide further "left", especially under the current administration and with a largely weak Canadian Catholic church, Canada as a "moral" nation, has completely lost its way. 

Not only is abortion legal, but if Bill C-14 is passed, euthanasia will be as well. Canada will, no doubt, bring the wrath of God upon itself. If you think that sounds foolish or "old fashioned" then the only fool here is the one you see in the mirror. Bill C-14, in a nation with universal healthcare, is a recipe for disaster. As one speaker in the following video states, legalizing euthanasia is "like opening Pandora's box." The passing Bill C-14 will, essentially, make doctors into gods who can, if they so choose, decide who lives and who dies.

Sadly, our Catholic and other Christian leaders have been largely neutered and do not strive to defend the rights of the unborn, so, what are the chances they will raise their voices against euthanasia? 

If you are as outraged and sickened by this bill, I beg of you to share this video and start the conversation about the moral implications of this bill as well as the wrath of God for the injustice of this bill. Please share this video with as many people as you can.

God bless,

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