Reparations in these Sinful Times

Dear Friend,

No doubt you have been struck by the increasing darkness of our times. Everyone feels that their rights have been abused and seek justice, whether lawful or not. No one speaks of the reparations needed to restore the rightful place of Our Lord in our daily lives. 

Our Lord is deeply offended by the mockery shown to Him and our Blessed Mother, Mary. We must make reparation and do it now. Sister Marie de Saint Pierre was given this prayer, which should be recited daily

The Golden Arrow Prayer

MAY the most holy, most
sacred, most adorable, most
incomprehensible and
Flame of God
be always praised, blessed,
adored and glorified, in
Heaven, on earth, and under
the earth, by all the creatures
of God, and by the Sacred
Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ
in the Most Holy Sacrament
of the Altar. Amen.

When I say no one speaks of the reparations needed, in truth, I think no one - or very few - understands the need for reparations. The quality of our faith is inversely proportional to the level of darkness we experience. It is symptomatic of a society - by this I mean western Christian culture - that is suffering from a lack of faith in God that is due to a lack of both humility and modesty - a lack of belief in a higher power than themselves and a lack of belief that their thoughts and actions matter in this world (not to mention the next world!).


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